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Welcome! You've stumbled onto this is our thing., a shrine dedicated to the relationship between Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin from the Social Network (and not to be confused with the relationship between their real life counterparts.) This is my first shrine, so you may easily presume that the relationship means very much to me and that I apologize for early bugs and troubleshooting.

The Social Network, commonly referred to as "the Facebook movie," was released on 4 October 2010, directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin. It is, by all technical means, the movie adaptation of The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, which was earlier published 14 July 2009. It can be correctly assumed that Mark Zuckerberg is the protagonist of the movie, being the original founder of Facebook and its (real life) current CEO. However, the narrative of the movie is framed in such a way that his best friend, Eduardo Saverin, is narrating and showing much of the main storyline from his point of view; so Eduardo can be considered the protagonist as well. Either way, they are both the main players in this movie, foil and complementary to each other.

The movie—and Mark and Eduardo's relationship within the movie—can, in my opinion, be examined much more beyond the surface. Though the relationship depicted in the movie is self-stated as a "best friendship," there is quite a bit of homoerotic subtext without looking too closely. While constituents of this website will acknowledge the relationship as presented in the movie canon, the articles will also be written intending such subtext. Additionally, elements of this website are personal interpretations theorized by yours truly, including but not limited to personality types, hypothetical Hogwarts Housing, and intentions of characters' actions not explicitly stated in the movie.

If you continue journeying through this website, there absolutely will be unmarked spoilers ahead, so please be sure to proceed with caution if you have not yet seen the movie. It is only 120 minutes of your time, though, if you are interested.

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Have a Sean, because I'm trash and I love him.

19 JUL 2020 One fucking day I will finish this site.

15 MAR 2019 Okay so this shrine is currently on hold because my attention span is pathetic but please note that I absolutely plan on finishing this/writing all the meta listed eventually.

03 APR 2017 I'm done with the playlist, I think? There's 9 songs which is good enough; I'm not putting 19 songs—I mean, not that I don't have 19 Mark/Eduardo songs, but I don't have 19 that are all of a similar sound and/or that can sound nice together. I can't really think of any other significant numbers aside from birthdays (5/14, 3/19) but also I feel like I'm forgetting something, so. Also I'm still considering putting Ellie Goulding's "Your Biggest Mistake" on the list, but the song is already associated with one of my own fics in my head and I'm not sure it would work well anyway.

ETA: Okay I added a tenth song anyway.

13 FEB 2017 Okay. So. I wrote the 12000 words of the timeline summary, which a) is a lot of words, and b) took a lot of time, but I'm rather pleased with it. Mostly because I'm done.

And now I can get to my shameless analysis-borderline-headcanon apologism, except it's not apologism, actually. I promise. I'll just sound really fond while I talk about how much Mark fucked up.

11 FEB 2017 We are now live! Below is my to-do list, for my reference and if you're wondering what parts still need to be written (and their progress.)

  • Timeline (self-titled)
  • Excuses - Depositions
  • Excuses - Blind Spot Justification
  • Excuses - For Better or Worse
  • Excuses - Third Wheel
  • Relationship - Before
  • Relationship - After
  • Relationship - Romance
  • Relationship - Authentic and Equal Dynamic
  • Relationship - Symbols/Parallels
  • Relationship - Behind the Scenes
  • Appendix - Playlist Cover/Back Cover Art

This is so much writing how do people do this

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This Is Our Thing. was launched on 11 February 2017 (13 years and a week after Facebook was launched.) At the moment, it is optimized for Google Chrome for a 1280 x 800 screen, though it should work in most other browsers and resolutions. All screencaps and images were taken and edited by me.

This site is not affiliated with Facebook and/or any current/former employees or founders of Facebook in any way, nor is it (nor am I) speculative of the real life relationship between the two men in question. Please do not take this site relevant - particularly headcanons and analyses of their fictional characters - to the characters' real life counterparts in any capacity. The Social Network belongs to Aaron Sorkin and Columbia Pictures and associated producers, staff, and actors. This shrine is nonprofit and fan-made for entertainment purposes.

Anyway, the Social Network is a derivative work in and of itself.

This layout is called HAND COVERS BRUISE. It was designed with the following quote from the movie in mind:

"It's plain and simple. No Disneyland, no 'Live Nude Girls'..."

... and, hopefully, fits that criteria.